Game Project Portfolio Video

Here’s a clip I put together back in 2008 showcasing some of the game projects I’ve worked on over the past couple of years. These are a mix of C++ and Flash projects.

Here’s some background on each of the projects:

Kid Icarus – Pit’s Wild Nostalgic Dungeon (PWND) was a game I started developing to immerse myself back into C++, which I had previously taken a break from since graduating college in 2004. The game was written and compiled with the PALib library extension, which compiles as an actual .nds target file, which can then be tested in either an NDS emulator or on a physical Nintendo DS. This was a great chance to explore platform gaming for me, as well as developing my first true game engine.

Equillibrium is a Flash-based program I developed for a 24-hour game jam in April, 2007. Written in less than a day in AS2, the project taught me a lot about team development and coming up with a working model in a short period of time. The idea was that as the player develops their civilization, they must carefully consider the amount they “offend” nature – through deforestization, pollution, and destroying natural resources.

Bug Splat was my first foray in AS3 and XML socket programming. This is a nod back to the fly swatting game found in Mario Paint for Super Nintendo. Fun little mash up.

Check out the video here!

Amy ArcWelder & Dialog Engine

Amy ArcWelder was my first real attempt at doing some kind of scripted animation in Flash. And rather than keep it simple, I decided to expand on the type writer effect from the original Flash Hacks book and built my own dialog engine. I was also into the character Erin from those Esurance commercials and wanted to try something similar – the hot female lead in a predominantly blue-collar male demographic. From this, Amy ArcWelder was born, built in Illustrator from Clip Art and sketches.

When I first started taking over the marketing side of OTC’s robot business, I was always puzzled how we could penetrate a shallow yet predominated market and get people to listen. Our welding equipment was like the Rolls Royce of its kind in industrial factories – but was priced as such, hence most people immediately found us out of their league. We launched a small campaign around the lines “I’ve seen it and still can’t believe it!”, and promoted it for our trade show booth that year.

And for the record, I admit that the dialog between Amy and her solution specialist is pretty craptacular. Que lastima…

Dialog aside, I’m not sure why Amy never made it past that show. I was a bit frustrated as I had hoped to see her in more, with better animations, and a chance to continue using the dialog engine I built. Would have been so awesome if we could have farmed out some old school timeline animations with Amy saving the day now that she knew about OTC. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Just had no time, I guess.

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NYIP PhotoView Podcast Site

NYIP PhotoView podcast was my first WordPress blog to develop from scratch with NYIP. This site is the second version of the Photo View site, and so the experience was an all-encompassing transition from an old platform to a new platform.

For the design, we went for large thumbnails of the podcasts for links, all set over a semi-transparent panel over a colorful background. I really like the way this came out. This has also been a great place for me to develop our Audio Slideshow technology, which loads via the Shadowbox framework.

Audio Slideshow Player Alpha

The Audio Slideshow Player is a project I started developing for NYI in 2009. Our original concept was to clone something similar to the slideshow player on the NY Times website, but for offline purposes. The application itself is basically a custom mp3 player that also can show a slideshow of pictures, set in time with the audio.

To do: I would really like to add a seek() feature to here, and am currently experimenting with a build that uses the NetConnection class to do this. Also, I would like to develop a Flex or Air app that would generate the XML file for the time durations and image URLs – currently, this is a manual application.

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