Fresh from the Panya – Best of 2011 vol 1

Back around the end of January, I found myself pouring through the masses of “Best of 2010” lists, trying to find all the good cuts I missed that year. It’s a tricky thing – being presented with seemingly endless lists of what was, at one point in the previous year, considered “hot”. This is funny, because most of it’s still crap. But even still, there’s plenty of good things I stumbled across, and it made me realize how I should really be on top of this.

Thus, a new concept: Best of 2011, starting in February. Why not, right?

I started compiling a list of new songs from various music blogs and youtube clips, ripping the music as needed, and organizing it into sets. Just after I completed the first set, I discovered the excellent, which came across as an excellent vehicle to deliver the package. The catch here was that I had to mix everything into a single set to avoid copyright violations. I decided to moderate it a bit; made the mistake of starting it late one Saturday night, trying to keep it chill. I pump up the tension a bit towards the end, and moving forward I want to keep that intensity for future sets.

So presented here finally, here’s Fresh from the Panya – Best of 2011 vol 1. Special thanks to the excellent illustration by the talented Jonathan Kolodner. Spread the good word!

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