Cibo Matto Live at Brooklyn Bowl 071211

Recorded the Cibo Matto set last night at The Brooklyn Bowl. All pictures are copyrighted by Chris Gersbeck of Fucking Nostalgic, who wrote an excellent review of the show here.

Here’s the Tracklist:

  1. Beef Jerky
  2. Le Pain Perdu
  3. Sugar Water
  4. Spoon
  5. 10th Floor Ghost Girl (New Song)
  6. Moonchild (feat. Sean Lennon)
  7. Sci-fi Wasabi
  8. Check In (New Song)
  9. Birthday Cake
  10. Blue Train
  11. Know Your Chicken

Still trying to find a good playlist plugin for WordPress, but for now, you can use the following.

You can also download the set here.

[ti_audio name="CiboMatto"]

DBCR – Transgender Beacon

DBCR performs Transgender Beacon live at The Suffolk on April 1, 2011. Video shot and edited by the talented Joe Learman.

Aluminar Event Minisite

OTC Daihen recently held its ‘Aluminar’- it’s apt named event to promote their aluminum welding technology. The background was largely industrial and educational, so we put together an online presentation to promote the technology. Due to budget constraints, we couldn’t go full-on animation with this one, but the presentation slides are still fun to zip around.

The jQuery carousel plugin called “scrollTo” was used for the slide movement, CSS drop-shadows and rounded rectangles were used to create the popped out look. jQuery was used on the bottom navigation as well.

Daihen 4 “Turbo Pulse Theme”

I recently completed a new theme for the Daihen site. This was a custom html theme designed by my friend Scott Borchert. Mix of HTML, jQuery for the navigation menu, and Flash animated galleries and hero features.

NYU School of Social Work – 50th Anniversary Celebration

The NYU School of Social Work was my first completely custom theme, written from scratch, in WordPress. I took our dear friend Kubrick (the theme!), stripped him down, and painted him a wicked shade of purple. This project taught me how WordPress works on the backend, as well as familarize me with jquery form plugins (submit an alumni story, contact form). We also found a great plugin to manage the more than 30 smaller events that were held leading up to the grand party of them all — the big 50th Anniversary Celebration.

NYU Silver School of Social Work 50th Anniversary Celebration Minisite (now that’s a title!):
(Site URL live as of 6/30/2011)

Fresh from the Panya – Best of 2011 vol 1

Back around the end of January, I found myself pouring through the masses of “Best of 2010” lists, trying to find all the good cuts I missed that year. It’s a tricky thing – being presented with seemingly endless lists of what was, at one point in the previous year, considered “hot”. This is funny, because most of it’s still crap. But even still, there’s plenty of good things I stumbled across, and it made me realize how I should really be on top of this.

Thus, a new concept: Best of 2011, starting in February. Why not, right?

I started compiling a list of new songs from various music blogs and youtube clips, ripping the music as needed, and organizing it into sets. Just after I completed the first set, I discovered the excellent, which came across as an excellent vehicle to deliver the package. The catch here was that I had to mix everything into a single set to avoid copyright violations. I decided to moderate it a bit; made the mistake of starting it late one Saturday night, trying to keep it chill. I pump up the tension a bit towards the end, and moving forward I want to keep that intensity for future sets.

So presented here finally, here’s Fresh from the Panya – Best of 2011 vol 1. Special thanks to the excellent illustration by the talented Jonathan Kolodner. Spread the good word!

Flash Based Form

Simple registration form I did in late 2010 / early 2011.